Case: biggest Hot Spot Repair

insulcon hot spot repair service 5 Hot Spot Repair Inside ViewThis is an example of a very successful Hot Spot Repair: the biggest Hot Spot Repair in the history of the Insulcon Group!

This Hot Spot Repair was in a petrochemical furnace. 4 m² of the low thermal mass (fibre) lining was severely damaged and partly fallen out and this was repaired within just five days. It was our fourth successful Hot Spot Repair within two years for the same client in different plants.

Insulcon's biggest Hot Spot Repair

  • Hot Spot Repair carried out within 5 days 
  • Injected: 0,7 m³ injection mould 1400 LV
  • During the Hot Spot Repair the furnace ran at full capacity (no shutdown or reduced process)
  • Cost savings by preventing unscheduled shutdown: about €2.000.000
  • 0% damage to furnace structural steel parts

For the view of the result from the inside, see picture on the right.